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Based on the recognized comic strip, Los Toons are an animated and narrative POINT OF VIEW specials about three young friends growing up in the United States with production by award winning writer, director and studio based in Los Angeles.


The Toons are five characters that since prehistoric times from Colombia were used to tell stories and legends from the ancient salt mines of Zipaya.

Our stories follow the adventures for Martha, Beto and Paolo as they learn how to balance their parents’ rich Colombian heritage and traditions with the sometimes-confusing cultural mix that surrounds them in their daily life.


In doing so, Los Toons, their alter egos, Pikito, Mima and Picarito along with their sidekicks Pikito and Pigoleto with the always shining Solito, help us, the audience, explore the wide range of questions faced by all families as they graduate to a new way of life.

Los Toons’ stories are aimed primarily at Hispanic families. Yet, the adventures are written for the U.S. mainstream, making this show cross-cultural programs for all groups.

Each episode of Los Toons uses simple writing and humor to explore a subject of concern to the U.S.’ many different communities, with particular attention to our large Hispanic community.

The three specials:


• “Aventuras de Regreso a Clase” – Martha, Beto and Paolo return to school and have to present an oral presentation about their summer vacation. Having to share with their classmates their trip to Martha’s grandpas’ house in a small town didn’t sound as exciting as all the other trips to Hawaii and other local places. They learn to appreciate the trip they had with their family.


• “El Día de Acción de Gracias” – Los Toons friends are at a loss to describe the Americans Thanksgiving custom and symbol, since in Hispanic countries a turkey is not part of their customs or traditions.  


• “La Navidad” – The traditional Christmas in the U.S. clashes with the traditional and cultural customs and heritage of their Hispanic roots.

The Specials

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