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We are combining ​exciting new ​MUSIC and CARTOONS that will motivate change and encourage leadership ​, ​ with a great solid grassroots ORGANIZATION, ​using​ a new funding format ​called ​
CROWDFUNDING that will help us share our efforts far and wide to millions of people on the internet. ​
Los Toons are working on to ​help ​raise awareness and support for the education and future of our kids through music and positive messages with our characters.
By empowering these new generations, we are helping families and communities, and building a stronger country and stronger minds to walk the new paths, and to deal with the many challenges they will encounter.
The song – YES, an amazing motivational song “Echale Ganas” in a genre written to speak to our soul. The song will be recorded by famous and well know regional Mexican singers this coming April. La Banda Sinaloense has recorded a demo.

The genre– Regional Mexican (2100 stations out of 2400 in United States play the genre) and will help broadcast our song. ​

The organization to receive funding: Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) a solid and great non- profit organization focusing on leadership, education, workforce development and public awareness so we can support them in continuing to run their amazing programs.

The organizer – Uno Productions, YES, the amazing company that has created many social awareness and award winning concerts such as Cantare Cantaras, La Gota de la Vida and currently working on a celebration of Juan Gabriel’s life. 


Crowdfunding –  ​is ​ the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, via the Internet and social media. ​

The Platform - We are partnering with Artist Share platform where more than 10 artists have won Grammy awards to run our campaign.  ​


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